LPF believes that by healing trauma, removing blocks, and balancing energies internally, each individual contributes to the collective consciousness creating a more peaceful, loving, and free world.  Through the educational tool ChakraKey, we have found a way to share this knowledge with those that need it. A blueprint to creating heaven on earth.
It is our goal to make the world a more loving place by helping people to understand who they are as human spiritual beings, as detailed in the book ChakraKey – A Key for Humanity. ChakraKey is a symbolic visual-aid that helps people to grasp the spiritual realities of their existence and apply this information to their life. It’s through understanding the fullness of our human spiritual design that we are able to navigate life to our greatest potential. It’s through understanding our human spiritual heritage that we are able to honor one another as a family of human spiritual beings, that we might live together in love, peace, and freedom.

Mission Statement

ChakraKey is a product of three ancient symbols that together provide us with a visual illustration of our bio-energetic design, also known as the chakra system. Using this symbol we are provided with a wealth of information.
Within this symbol we find:
  • A color-coded visual illustration of our chakra system.
  • A diagram illustrating the interconnections between the chakras.
  • Symbols illustrating the movement of the three energy systems in one.
  • A new understanding of the relationship between love and heart .
  • How consciousness governs the body through the heart chakra.
  • A blueprint of our subtle body that we can examine on a scientific basis.
  • An understanding of the subtle body that we can tangibly experience using sonic frequencies.

What is ChakraKey?

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